Get real-time NOTAM (Notice to Airmen) information

The NOTAM Data Access API provides real-time updates on essential information for pilots, including changes in airspace, hazards, and other critical notices that may not be included in standard flight documentation. This tool is designed to disseminate urgent and operationally significant information globally, maintaining the highest standards in aviation safety and efficiency.

  • Specific NOTAM details
  • Location
  • Nature of the notice
  • Urgency
  • Instructions

Data included in the NOTAM API

Access timely NOTAM updates, essential for accurate flight planning and ensuring aviation safety, continuously refreshed for up-to-the-minute information.

  • Specific NOTAM Details: NOTAM’s identifier, issue and effective dates
  • Location: coordinates, airport codes, or airspace sectors
  • Nature of the notice: hazards, changes in airspace usage, construction activities, service outages of navigational aids, or other relevant factors.
  • Urgency: urgency of the NOTAM
  • Instructions: specific instructions, guidelines  or recommendations for pilots and aircrew ( alternative routes, altitudes etc.)

Sources and Process

Aviation Edge is continuously updating the database to provide the most current NOTAM information, crucial for flight safety and operational planning. We’re implementing strict quality control measures to maintain the reliability and relevance of the information provided.



Response Example

“notam”: {
“identifier”: “A1234”,
“issue_date”: “2023-11-25”,
“effective_date”: “2023-11-26”,
“location”: {
“coordinates”: “N48.8566 E2.3522”,
“airport_code”: “CDG”,
“airspace_sector”: “Paris TMA”
“nature_of_notice”: {
“hazards”: “Crane operation near runway”,
“airspace_change”: “Temporary altitude restriction”,
“construction”: “Runway 09/27 maintenance”,
“service_outages”: “VOR ‘PG’ out of service”
“urgency”: “High”,
“instructions”: {
“routes”: “Use northern approach for landing”,
“altitudes”: “Maintain altitude above 5000ft”,
“additional_guidelines”: “Expect delays during peak hours”

Notice to Airmen API

Usage of NOTAM API

The API’s integration into aviation software and apps significantly enhances their functionality, offering a seamless, user-friendly interface that allows for quick access to vital NOTAM data. By catering to the needs of pilots, airports, air traffic controllers, and developers, Aviation Edge’s REST API ensures a reliable solution that addresses various aspects of aviation safety and efficiency. Our up-to-date service provides an essential resource for real-time decision-making, enhancing situational awareness and operational readiness across the aviation industry.

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