ICAO Codes of Airlines

ICAO Codes - Airport, Aircraft & Equipment List Database with API The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) is a special institute under the United Nations which plays an important role in the planning and development of international air transport. It is currently in relation with 192 member states and its codes are internationally accepted and used every day. Individuals and companies that cooperate with aircraft agencies and airlines, in general, must have access to the list of all ICAO related codes. The problem occurs when the list is…


IATA Code of Airport Database With API

IATA Code of Airports Database With API International IATA Codes API - Always Up-to-date International IATA codes API is one of the most important tools for all businesses related to air traffic. All airliners, airports, booking agencies, tracking websites or corporate booking platforms must have access to the comprehensive database of all IATA codes API for the aviation industry. This way, they can make sure their customers get new, factual data they are asking for.…


ICAO Codes of Airports Database With API

Database of ICAO Airport Codes API API of ICAO Code of Airport and Database Companies whose businesses depend on air traffic have to make sure that they have the full list of all airport ICAO codes. What they cannot influence is the fact that the list is constantly changing. Travelling by plane has become immensely popular and since it is the safest way of traveling more and more airports are being built nowadays. That is…

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